Strategic Communications

I help interdisciplinary institutions, research groups, and international societies develop strategic communication plans, build online communities, recruit new members, and promote their research.

Work Experience

Consultant science Writer (2021 - present)
John Templeton Foundation

I am leading a white paper project that will synthesize research conducted under the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis umbrella. The project will include a critical historical and philosophical analysis of EES as a research program, a section on the scientific topics under the EES, and a media and education toolkit for science writers, journalists, and educators.

Communications Manager and Officer (2019 - present)
Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research

I am in charge of creating and building the communications wing of the KLI Institute, designing strategies, channels, databases, and products to help them construct an interdisciplinary identity and a community of philosophers, historians, evolutionary biologists, and sustainability scholars.

    • Design overall communications strategic and content marketing plan

    • Create and maintain an interdisciplinary contact database of stakeholders and community

    • Create, design, and write-up seasonal newsletter

    • Strategize and execute recruitment campaigns

    • Develop the "news" and maintain "event" sections of the website (

    • Strategize and execute social media campaigns (@KLIAustria)

Media and Communications Officer (2019 - present)
Extended Evolutionary Synthesis Research Program

Working with Kevin Laland at the School of Biology at University of St. Andrews, I develop resource websites, social media content, and print materials to promote and distribute their research.

Founder and Co-leader (2019 - present)
Philosophy of Science Communication Network (PhilSciComm)

    • Create a resource website for philosophers and science communicators

    • Interview philosophers and science communicators

    • Build an online community through social media initiatives (@philscicomm)

Social Media Manager (2019 - present)
Philosophers for Sustainability (Phil4Sustain)

    • Lead online community building through social media initiatives (@phil4sustain)

Website Event and Social Media (2017 - 2018)
Philosophy in Biology and Medicine (PhilinBioMed)

    • Develop strategies for social media (@philinbiomed)

    • Help with website management and updates

Committee Member (2016 - present)
Philosophy of Science (PSA)

  • Media Committee (2017 - present)

    • Draft guidelines for PSA web presence & social media strategies

    • Report from PSA virtual poster events (2021)

  • Future Goals Committee of the Women’s Caucus (2016-2018)


Co-Principal Investigator (2010 - 2013)
Evolutionary Studies Group (EvoSt)

Director of Communications (2011-2014)
Newsletter Officer
Association for the Scientific Studies of Consciousness (ASSC)

    • Lead the Student Spotlight Interview Initiative: Carolyn Dicey Jennings, Yao-Wen Hsieh, Miguel Sebastián to highlight early career researchers

    • Design a SoCal Consciousness Research Network Map ASSC17 to connect conference-goers with local researchers and institutes

    • Manage social media (Facebook & Twitter: ASSC Students, ASSC, ASSC16, ASSC17)

    • Write monthly internal newsletter