Communication & Public Engagement of science


As a philosopher-in-practice, I do science communication work in the following areas: institutional science communication, public engagement of science in informal science spaces, science writing, community building through social media and newsletters.

Designed: philscicomm, mendel200-vienna
Co-designed: nicheconstruction, evo-mizzou

Twitter accounts:
Created: @Mendel200, @PhilSciComm, @Phil4Sustain
Managed: @KLIAustria, @EES_Update, @philinbiomed, @theASSC

Institutional newsletters:
Created: The KLife Newsletter, Evo-Mizzou
Managed: the ASSC Newsletter


For the KLI and EES: interviews, reports, commissioned blog articles
Commissioned writing: synthetic reviews, encyclopedia articles, popular science articles

Informal science space activities:

Museums: interactive science theater, science quiz, art-science games

Science festivals: talks, panel discussions, interactive presentations

Affinity products
Microsoft products
Cypher (Neo4j)

Work Experience

I work with academic institutions, research groups, and international societies to develop strategic communication plans, document events, conduct interviews and commission essays, build online communities, recruit new members, and promote research.

science communicator (2021- present)
Department of evolutionary biology, University of Vienna

I am co-leading a history of science and public science engagement project at University of Vienna under the INTERREG AT-CZ project G. J. Mendel’s Legacy to Science, Culture, and Humanity. We created a scientific and science communication team to design three public-facing projects in collaboration with the brand new immersive science center "Deck 50" at the Natural History Museum of Vienna (NHM Wien), the Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research (KLI), and the film director and science communicator Maria Pinto (of Sea & Me).


Communications Manager and Officer (2019 - present)
Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research (KLI)

I am in charge of creating and building the communications wing of the KLI Institute, designing strategies, channels, databases, and products to help them construct an interdisciplinary identity and a community of philosophers, historians, evolutionary biologists, and sustainability scholars.

    • Design overall communications strategic and content marketing plan

    • Create and maintain an interdisciplinary contact database of stakeholders and community to diversify recruitment

    • Create, design, and write-up the seasonal newsletter, The KLife Newsletter

    • Create news content and maintain the KLI website

    • Strategize and execute social media campaigns on Twitter (@KLIAustria)

Consultant science Writer (2021)
John Templeton Foundation (JTF)

I finished a synthetic review that synthesizes research conducted under the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis umbrella. The project will include a critical historical and philosophical analysis of EES as a research program and review the scientific topics and empirical findings that fall under the EES.

Media and Communications Officer (2019 - 2021)
Extended Evolutionary Synthesis (EES) Research Program

Working with Kevin Laland at the School of Biology at University of St. Andrews, I developed and maintained resource websites, created social media content, and produced print materials to promote and distribute EES research.

Founder and Co-leader (2019 - 2021)
Philosophy of Science Communication Network (PhilSciComm)

I co-founded PhilSciComm community to facilitate interactions between science communicators and philosophers of science.

    • Created a resource website for philosophers and science communicators

    • Interviewed philosophers and science communicators

    • Built an online community through social media initiatives (@philscicomm)

Social Media Manager (2019 - 2020)
Philosophers for Sustainability (Phil4Sustain)

To help fight against climate change and transform our discipline into a more sustainable profession, I helped "Philosophers for Sustainability" create their Twitter account and organize social media initiatives (@phil4sustain).

Website Event and Social Media (2017 - 2018)
Philosophy in Biology and Medicine (PhilinBioMed)

As a postdoc in the ImmunoConcept Lab, I participated in the creation of PhilinBioMed under the leadership of Thomas Pradeu. I helped develop strategies for their social media (@philinbiomed) and managed website content and updates.

Committee Member (2016 - 2021)
Philosophy of Science (PSA)

  • Media Committee (2017 - 2021)

    • Draft guidelines for PSA web presence & social media strategies

    • Live tweet from PSA virtual poster events (2021)

  • Future Goals Committee of the Women’s Caucus (2016-2018)


Co-Principal Investigator (2010 - 2013)
Evolutionary Studies Group (Evo-St)

Director of Communications (2011-2014)
Newsletter Officer
Association for the Scientific Studies of Consciousness (ASSC)

    • Led the Student Spotlight Interview Initiative: Carolyn Dicey Jennings, Yao-Wen Hsieh, Miguel Sebastián to highlight early career researchers

    • Designed a SoCal Consciousness Research Network Map ASSC17 to connect conference-goers with local researchers and institutes

    • Managed social media (Facebook & Twitter: ASSC Students, ASSC, ASSC16, ASSC17)

    • Wrote the monthly internal ASSC newsletter