Selected Projects

White Paper

  • What it is: A white paper report synthesizing research conducted in the last 20 years on the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis

  • Commissioned by the John Templeton Foundation, USA

  • Intended audience: science writers, reporters, educators, the general public

  • Start date: 2021 Jan

  • Estimated completion date: Aug 2021

  • Contract type: consultant

Community Website

  • What it is: Project website for the "Philosophy of Science Communication" group (I am a co-founder)

  • How was it done? Created with a google sites template

  • Intended audience: philosophers of science, science communicators

  • Created with Google Sites, Affinity Publisher (graphics)

  • Launch date: Jan 30, 2021

  • Funded by the American Philosophical Association (small grant proposal) (original APA proposal, changed plans)

Research Grant Final Report

  • What it is: A self-initiated project for the "Putting the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis to the Test" research grant as their media and science communication officer

  • How was it done? In collaboration with Kevin Laland (St. Andrews), with feedback and suggestions from other EES scholars

  • Intended audience: collaborators under the EES and interested scholars

  • Created with Affinity Publisher

  • Completion date: Jan 2021

  • Contract type: consultant

Resource Website

  • What it is: A brand new resource website summarizing research on Niche Construction Theory in plain language.

  • Intended audience: interdisciplinary scholars interested in niche construction theory.

  • Commissioned by Kevin Laland (St. Andrews) as his media and science communication officer

  • How was it done? In collaboration with website designer and engineers at Design Science UK

  • Project duration: 2020

  • Contract type: consultant

Science Festival