Portfolio: websites & SOCIALS

SCIENCE ENGAGEMENT Project Website: Mendel200

Project website of the INTERREG AT-CZ GJM200 project at University of Vienna

  • Intended audience: general public, academics, grant funders

  • Date created: May 2022

  • Created with: Google sites

  • Contract type: researcher contract under the Dept of EvolBio, University of Vienna

  • Funded by: INTERREG AT-CZ GJM200

Community Website: Philscicomm

Community website for the "Philosophy of Science Communication" group

  • Intended audience: philosophers of science, science communicators

  • Date created: Jan 30, 2021

  • Created with: Google Sites, Affinity Publisher

  • Funded by: the American Philosophical Association (small grant proposal)

Resource Website: Niche construction

A resource website summarizing research on Niche Construction Theory in plain language.

  • Intended audience: interdisciplinary scholars interested in niche construction theory.

  • Date created: 2020

  • Co-designed in collaboration with website designer and engineers at Design Science UK

  • Contract type: consultant, science communication officer

  • Commissioned by Kevin Laland (University of St. Andrews)

Conference Website: Dialectical Biologist

A conference website for the workshop I co-organized: "30 years after The Dialectical Biologist: New Frontiers in Ecological Developmental Biology and Microbiota-Host Co-Construction"

  • Intended audience: conference participants, academics

  • Date created: 2016

  • Created with: Wix

  • Contract type: postdoc researcher


I specialize in Science Twitter, with the aim to network and build communities.

  • Audience analysis and community building

  • Social calendar: annual, seasonal, semester/term-based, monthly, weekly

  • Integrative workflows (with website and other social media platforms)

  • Content creation: research articles, news and announcements, activities

  • Scheduling and delegation

  • Analytics


@Mendel200: 2022 to present

@KLIAustria: 2019 to present

@EES_Update: 2019-2021

@Phil4Sustain: 2019-2020

@PhilSciComm: 2019-2021

@philinbiomed: 2016-2018

@theASSC: 2011-2014