Portfolio: Public Engagement

Natural History Museum, Vienna (2022)

Public engagement of science at University of Vienna under INTERREG AT-CZ GJM200
As part of my current work in
the philosophy of science communication, I am currently co-leading a history of science and public science engagement project at University of Vienna under the INTERREG AT-CZ project G. J. Mendel’s Legacy to Science, Culture, and Humanity. With Barbara Fischer, we created a scientific and science communication team to design three public-facing projects in collaboration with the brand new immersive science center "Deck 50" at the Natural History Museum of Vienna (NHM Wien), the Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research (KLI), and the film director and science communicator Maria Pinto (of Sea & Me), respectively.

You can learn more about our programs here: mendel200-vienna.com.

science festival (2019)

In addition to giving a panel presentation, I was invited to synthesize the entire event as a philosopher in a science festival in a literary festival. Read my report here: A Philosopher of Biology at a Science Festival in a Literary Festival: Science Ground at Festivaletteratura

Science Ground website.