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A citizen of the world. Multiple disciplines merged into one.

I grew up as a bilingual speaker in the US and Taiwan, but soon found myself studying, teaching, researching, and building communities beyond the Far East and Far West. After moving to Europe in the mid-2010s, I'm now expanding my horizons in central Europe, especially across the Austria-Czechia border under the INTERREG AT-CZ grant project at University of Vienna. This multi-national life trajectory mirrors my academic journey between the disciplinary boundaries of biology, psychology, philosophy, and communications.

Ultimately, I am an academic and community-builder. I thrive when I work within interdisciplinary teams, especially those with the vision to (re)imagine new futures at the interface of disciplines, science-society, or between the arts and the sciences. When I'm not engaging with the academic community, you can find me constructing other types of things and processes (e.g., programs, artwork, garments).

Languages: American English (native), Mandarin Chinese (native, Traditional), German (A2), French (A1), Python, Cypher (Neo4j)

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